New additions to our links collection!

–       The Nordic Network for Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies is a “network that is strongly anchored in the Nordic countries, yet a institutional affiliation in the Nordic region is not a prerequisite to membership. The network’s spheres of interest, broadly speaking, include focuses on environmental integrity, stability and sustainability as illumined at the intersection of culture and nature.”

–       The European Humanities Alliance “has been in the process of formation since 2011. The Alliance joins strong research environments, networks and study associations in Europe with prominent environmental humanities research orientations. In 2012-2013 a series of meetings of the Alliance partner organizations was coordinated in Oslo, Utrecht, Munich and Stockholm.”

–       The Frankfurt Normative Orders is concerned with “changes that are bound up with social conflicts, both within states and beyond them. Whether it is a matter of a just social order under conditions of “globalization” and new technological possibilities or a just “global order” in the face of scarce resources, climate change and armed conflicts –we are confronting challenges of a new kind that cannot be met with traditional conceptions of order. In a world of different cultural self-understandings and traditions, transnational norms and institutions are emerging whose validity is being – and must be – placed in question.”


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