MLA: CFP Proposals for Volume on Foreign Language Teaching and the Environment

Essay proposals are invited for a volume in the MLA’s series Teaching Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, under the title Foreign Language Teaching and the Environment: Theory, Curricula, Institutional Structures, to be edited by Charlotte Melin (University of Minnesota).

The goal of this volume is to provide an introduction to teaching sustainability and environmental humanities topics in language, literature, and culture courses, with an emphasis on postcommunicative approaches and content-rich, literacies-oriented curricula. The volume seeks to encourage foreign language programs to reshape courses, pedagogies, and programs by modeling ways in which the integration of environmental dimensions can become a vehicle for the teaching of cultural narratives, values, and perspectives at every level of the curriculum. The collection will advocate a central role for foreign languages within the educational landscape, explore the implications of collaborative interdisciplinary work for language programs, and suggest ways in which pilot initiatives can stimulate curricular innovation that revitalizes foreign language teaching and learning.

Abstracts and CVs should be sent to the volume editor by 1 September 2014. Please send inquiries and e-mail submissions to Charlotte Melin (melin005 (at) using the subject line “FL Teaching & Environment.

More information here.

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