CFP for GSA “Flows: Material, Energy, Narrative in the Ecological Humanities”

Flows:  Material, Energy, Narrative in the Ecological Humanities (Sponsored by the GSA Environmental Studies Network)

Washington, DC, October 1-4, 2015

Organized by Katharina Gerstenberger (U of Utah) and Scott Moranda (SUNY Cortland)

“Flows” serve to explore how biophysical changes link to social changes or disruptions.  Flows can refer to the movement of energy or raw materials through an economic system. Human interventions can redirect the flow of minerals and nutrients through ecological systems, with consequences for climate change, soil health, and biodiversity. Flows call to mind commodity chains and the circulation of goods to satisfy consumer desires. They also refer to the movement of people/migrants/wildlife across political, social, economic, and ecological boundaries.  Texts create flows through narrative continuity but also disruption and rechanneling.  They also circulate through cultural contexts over the course of time, in the process changing meaning and direction.

We invite papers in the environmental humanities, environmental history or the social sciences that explore the themes of mobility and barriers, fluidity and permeability, energy flows and transformation, entropy, decline and disorder, from a variety of disciplinary and methodological approaches, using a variety of texts, case studies, and other source materials.

Please send abstracts of 250 words and a short CV to both Katharina Gerstenberger ( and Scott Moranda ( by January 15, 2015.  We expect to create a sequence of 2-4 panels.

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